Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eve's Six Months Old!

Weight: ALMOST 16 lbs.  It was a slower growth month, but she's still gaining!

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 2 diapers still and some 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month clothes... just depends on the weather.  If it's cold, she wears AKs 6 month hand-me-downs, if it's warm (which it has been), she wears 3-6 month hand-me-downs.  Poor girl won't have very many of her "own" clothes at this age when her sister's bday month is just 1 month off.  I have officially packed up the newborn clothes though lol.  It was time. :(

Eating & Sleeping: Eve is still a great sleeper, praise the Lord!  She had one rough night this month, but the next morning she had a tooth that had broken through.  I was shocked that she had a tooth already!  She is now eating 6 oz at 7 am, 11 am, 4 pm, and 9 pm, and we introduced solids.  Still at the "food is for fun" phase, so nothing real consistent.  She's had bananas and sweet potatoes.

Mood:  Still a sweet baby girl!

Likes: Eve likes to roll around in the floor and jump in her jumperoo thing.  She likes being talked to and singing songs.  She likes reading books with Mommy & Ava Kate and adores her sister.

Dislikes: She's starting to not love people she's not around a lot... she gets anxious and wants mommy back.  Totally normal, I know.

Milestones: first teeth! (I was shocked that they broke through already!)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: Everything!  Snuggles, kisses, giggles, precious outfits, smiles, shrills, and coos.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I'm still pumping all day except the morning feed... I get just enough for the next bottle, no extra. :(

Y'ALL.  Those LEGS! #ThunderThighs #PearShaped loool

Not seeing a lot of similarities this month between sisters

laura ann

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eve's Five Months Old!

Weight & Height: 15 lbs 8 oz...about what Ava Kate was at this age!  Hooray!  Not sure for height.

Clothes & Diapers:  We've transitioned to size 2 diapers and she's in 3-6 month clothes mostly.

Eating & Sleeping: Eve is still on the 5 oz bottles every 4 hours and eats at 7, 11, 3, 7, and 10 and continues to sleep through the night.  I'm still only nursing for the first feeding and pumping/bottle feeding the rest.  We will be moving to 4 feedings a day soon!  I think she's ready... it'll be so much nicer hopefully because I won't have to pump as often.

Mood: Sweet.  Eve is very flexible with our scheduling and tags along for everything.  She's very sweet and rarely get's fussy.  She's usually quiet, just taking in her surroundings, but if she does get upset... boy she is loud!

Likes: Getting tickled, having anyone talk to her, playing in the floor, baths, chewing on things

Dislikes: Hmm... can't think of anything.   She is finally starting to enjoy bath time!  Hooray!

Milestones:  First Christmas, first "big" snow/ice storm (Jan 7)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: aww... All of it.  I just want to soak it all up.

Look at those chunky legs!! Haha! :) 

Ava Kate vs. Eve at 5 months... AK's head is rounder, but otherwise, they look about the same size.

laura ann

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Game Changing Yard Sale?

We’re having a yard sale.  It’s a life changing decision for us.  Ok, well the yard sale itself isn’t so much the game-changer… it’s the journey we’re on that is.

It all started with the Possessions chapter in The Seven Experiment by Jen Hatmaker.  I’m just going to go ahead and tell you a lot of this blog post is taken from her because she sums it up far better than I can.  

Side note: Jen, (is it okay if I call you by your first name?  I hope so!), don’t sue me for copyright infringement please.  We’re working for the kingdom here.  And people will want your book after this.  Amma right?  I’m right.  Ok.  Let’s keep going.

Let me go ahead and burst your bubble (ours were bursted at the beginning of this journey).

I wish I could make that image flicker. I mean, NEWS FLASH: I’ve never had to skip a meal because there wasn’t enough money.  I live in a house with a sturdy roof and heat.  I’ve never gone a day without health insurance.  I’ve thrown away food I didn’t eat, clothes I’ve hardly worn, trash that will never disintegrate…  Have you?  If your household makes $35,000 a year, you’re in the top 4% of the world.  $50,000?  Top 1%.

We are the richest people in the world, praying to get richer.  We are blaming “those at the top” for our problems.  Making excuses for not being generous, because “I don’t make THAT much money.”  What does it communicate to the rest of the world, when half the world's population lives on $2 a day, and we can’t manage to live fulfilling lives on $25,000 a year? (taken from p. 13 with some add-ins from yours truly)

Read Matthew 19:23:
“It is easier for a CAMEL to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”
Well dang.

Pause.  Hmm.  Ok.  Well… Wow.  Let’s see here…  Hmm.  ::Scratches head::  ::Fidgets in seat::

Let me be clear that Jesus is not saying that being rich is evil.  If you read the rest of the chapter (and other parts of the Bible), you’ll understand that Jesus is saying that riches are a distraction from what matters.  Riches cause us to change what we cherish...  What we should cherish.  Therefore, it is not easy for someone who is distracted by excess and who cherishes the wrong things to get into heaven.

Alright…  so maybe I’m being a little too spiritual for you… and that’s okay.  Or maybe you’re like me and we’ve just read that so many times that we’re almost immune from its persuasion.  Then how about this?  

Hatmaker just lays it out for us on p. 80-81:
“Do we hate the gross abuses money inspires over mankind?  Do we hate the whispers of greed and entitlement we see in our children, mirror images of our own affections?  Do we hate the comparison game money feeds off of?  Do we hate the inequity that gives our kids rooms jammed with possessions while 16,000 other parents will bury their starved children today?” [::jaw drop::]

“Do we hate these questions?  Would we rather spin this or twist this or shove it off on other people?  [Are you coming up with reasons right now about how this doesn’t apply to us?]  Do we hate being challenged to care for the poor, since they didn’t earn this money we worked for?  Do we hate the idea of parting with things?  Do we hate being called ‘rich people?’”

Let’s make a chart (actually, Jen made it for us, and she stole it from Jesus, haha!):
So our small group asked ourselves, how can we intentionally make choices daily to fall on the right side of this spectrum?  We can sell our stuff and give to the poor.  Choose to be generous when choosing what to give.  Live below our means… I mean, we don’t need errrr-ything.  We can give.  Intentionally choose not to buy something on the premise of “I’ve worked hard, I deserve this.”  Be simple.  Share, so others can do the same.  Always err on the side of giving more if we’re not sure how much to give.  This is what we want to do… so we started purging our stuff.  For seven days we got rid of seven items a day (which is a challenge in the book)... and then we had to figure out what to do with it all.  Some of it we just threw away (i.e. expired medicine, food, make up), some of it we donated to people we knew that needed it, and the rest… we need to sell.  Enter our yard sale. :)

Disclaimer time: Are we selling our houses and downsizing so we can be more generous?  Well, no, not at this time.  Do we still buy stuff?  Yes.  Guilty!  Are we becoming extra-crunchy granola people?  Maybe, maybe not. :) :)  This is a big elephant.  We know that.  The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

So, sweet friends, dear readers, our tribes, our villages… don’t you want to join us?  Purge your excess?  Sell your stuff and give to the poor?  Or maybe you just want to go shopping at our yard sale!  Maybe you’ve been looking for a new coffee table?  Consider shopping at our yard sale and then give the money you saved by buying our super cheap stuff to someone in need.  Or maybe give someone in need $30 to come shop?  I don’t know.  We’re just over here taking bites of our elephants… will you join us?

Get rid of 7 things each day this week (or 49 things in one day - whatever!)  It’s a lot easier than you think.  Then, donate your gently used stuff to our yard sale.  See our flyer for more details:

Matthew 6:19-21 says,
“Do not store up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moths and vermin destroy… [i.e. the attic].  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven [...]  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  The eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are healthy [read: generous], then your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eyes are unhealthy [read: stingy] then your whole body will be full of darkness.  [...] No one can serve two masters.  Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despite the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.”
laura ann

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I miss you.  A lot.   A lot a lot.  So much that at times, it literally takes my breath away and I can't breathe for a minute.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I could pick up the phone and call you, or just send you a text.  Like today, I was looking through pictures and saw a picture from the last Christmas you were really with us, and I giggled.  It's a picture of you holding a candle with a smug look on your face.  It was an inside joke.  I wanted to text you about it so we could laugh together.

Speaking of candles... Ava Kate ate a birthday candle last week.  Like ATE it and then threw most of it up and said she didn't like it.  (Ugh, I know right!?!  How does that even happen??)  I panicked and the first thing I wanted to do was call you to ask what to do.  I called Poison Control instead... which was probably a better idea anyway.  She's obviously fine now.  She's the spitting image of you.  She walks just like you.  Stops and puts her hand on her hip, just like you.  Gives the side eye, just like you.  Even her little smile is just like yours.  It's actually kind of freaky sometimes, in a good kind of freaky way.

And sweet little Eve is becoming quite the little personality herself.  :) Oh how I wish you could love on them and squeeze them tight.  I wish you were here to "fight" with Mrs. Lydia over whose house they get to spend the night at next.  I wish you were here for me to go shopping with... shocking, I know.  You are pretty much the reason why I don't like to go shopping with other people.   I hated how long it took you to look at something to decide if you liked it or not... and how you would try on things "just to see," even if you didn't like it on the rack - I mean, who does that??  But I would love to spend the day with you running errands and just doing every-day-life together.  When other people complain about their moms, I just want to lecture them... I'd still complain if you were here too... but I would know in the core of my being how precious the ability to complain about your mom is.  Those little moments are sacred because you were there.

I also pretty much always think of you when someone is giving me directions (which I still suck at by the way).  All I can hear is you saying, "You just keep going, and you'll pass this on the right, and you keep going, and you'll go past that little store on the left, and then go through the stop sign and just stay straight until you get to such-in-such, and then keep going past that a little ways to the shop on the right... you know... that little shop on the right?" "Mom, I don't know what shop you're talking about." "Yes you do, that little shop.  Right there on the right.  Well anyways, just go past it.  You'll know it when you see it."  Me: Nod. Pulls up the GPS.  

I think about you when I make spaghetti.  Every time I pass Talbots.  Every time I go to Dad's.  Dad's.  Whenever I see a big TV box in the back of a truck.  And... when I see Young & the Restless. :)  Don't worry, nothing has changed -- if you watched it today, you wouldn't have missed a thing.

I cannot believe it's been five years since I heard your voice and felt your touch.  It seems like just yesterday and forever ago at the same time.  Sometimes it's hard to remember what you were like before you were sick.  Sometimes I can imagine what life would be like if you were here and not sick.  Most of the time I just feel the void of where you should be, but aren't.  I look back at pictures of wonderful, special times and can't help but remember that you're not in them.  Pictures of my daughters' births, our annual beach pictures, Weston's graduation, Amanda's wedding.  Things that I wish you were here for and grieve because you're not physically with us in those moments.

But Mom, we are doing good.  Parker and I have two beautiful girls.  Weston graduated (please, personally thank the Good Lord for that, haha).  He's wonderful - funny, generous, polite, and an amazing uncle. And Dad's doing really good too - he's so good with the girls - no surprise there.  He keeps them a lot and has still got a knack for babies.  They adore him.  :)  We miss you and think about you all the time.  Love you always.  See you again later!

laura ann

Monday, December 19, 2016

Eve's Four Months Old!

I can't believe we're already a third of the way through her first year!  Time slow down!  I just adore this sweet little one!

Weight & Height: 13 lbs 14 oz and 24" long.... 49 percentile for weight, which is AWESOME considering she was at the 17th at 2 months.  Praise! :)

Clothes & Diapers:  She's still wearing size 1 diapers, although she technically could wear size 2.  We have one more case of size 1s that I'd like to get some use out of before opening our size 2s.  She wears 3-6 month, or even 6-9 month outfits.  She's so long that many of her 3-6 month footed PJs are too little, so that's interesting considering our weight gain struggles!  I need to pack away her NB stuff still, but the holidays have put a hold on that. :)  Plus, I just hate packing away those sweet little outfits.

Eating & Sleeping: Eve is still on the 5 oz bottles every 4 hours and eats at 7, 11, 3, 7, and 10 and sleeps until about 6:45 most mornings.  I'm still only nursing for the first feeding and pumping/bottle feeding the rest.  I will say that every now and then I'll nurse her in the evenings if we're going to be out and about because it's just SO much more convenient.  I still despise pumping and washing bottles... but I love seeing her grow!

Mood:  Precious.  She is just so precious and sweet.  She's started smiling and giggling more, and when she gets really excited she "talks" or babbles.  If she isn't happy though, the whole neighborhood knows because the girl is LOUD.  Holy smokes.

Likes: Watching Ava Kate play, singing songs, rolling around on the floor, standing/sitting up like a big girl, reading books with mommy & Ava Kate, snuggling, eating, snuggling her blanket against her cheek, her paci (oh, how I wish she'd suck her thumb!)

Dislikes: Sweet girl is still not a fan of baths, BUT she is getting better about them.  She'll only scream at the beginning for just a minute.... then she's just on edge the whole time, haha.  She also hates when she rolls onto her tummy and can't roll back over if she gets stuck.

Milestones:  First Thanksgiving, first visit with Santa Clause (Dec. 3), First long, hard laughing session (Dec 16), rolls over quite well now, sitting up with help/holding her head up on her own with much more consistency

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I love her sweet little snuggles or when she falls asleep in my arms, her sweet little smile and big blue eyes, how her and Ava Kate look and giggle at each other

Eve's Weight Gain Journey: If I eat another lactation cookie I will throw it up.  They are good... in moderation.  But ugh.  I've just been taking Fenugreek and that's giving me enough milk for each day... but still not enough to freeze and I've had to dip into the tiny stash I had from early on a few times on Sundays this month because of crazy schedules and just being able to pump enough in between events (church, family reunions, Christmas celebrations, etc.)  So please pray that I can get my supply up enough to at least freeze a little every few days!

Ava Kate at 4 months vs. Eve at 4 months
Eve is definitely longer, but both have chunky legs!  Ava Kate's face was a little rounder, too. :)

laura ann
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