Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Eve's Eight Months Old!

Weight: not exactly sure, but about 17 lbs?

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 2 diapers (but could easily wear size 3, we just have 2 packs of size 2 left that I want to use before going to size 3), and anywhere from 3-12 month clothes (haha, quite the range, I know... but it's been super warm this spring, so her 3 month clothes are cool, and her 12 month clothes are cool... so we mix it up!  The 3 month outfits are just about too short for her, but the 12 months are pretty roomy.  6 months fit best, but the 6 month hand-me-downs are winter clothes... ahhh #SecondChildProbs)

Eating & Sleeping:   She eats about 5.5-6 oz at 7, 11, 4, and 9.  I still nurse her for the first feeding, then pump and bottle feed the rest (boo).  She has been sloooowww to pick up purees, so I just started giving her finger foods to entertain her while we ate.  She ate an entire half of a piece of toast this past Saturday for breakfast... with her two little teeth.  Haha!  For pureed food, she has had cereal, peaches (her fav!), green beans, squash, apple sauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pees.  She likes the peaches, and that's about all.  She also has had yogurt (which she gobbles down).  For finger foods, she has had a lot... pasta, mac & cheese, a little bit of pork chops, toast, strawberries, potatoes, green beans, crackers, puffs, bananas, corn, grits, bread, and probably a handful of other stuff that I can't recall right now.  :)  It sounds like a lot, but she mostly tastes the food and spits it out.  She's been actually eating a bit better in the past week or so.  She takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap for about 1.5-2 hours each, and she usually takes a evening nap after dinner and before bed.  We wake her up to put her PJs on and feed her and then she sleeps from 9ish-7ish.

Mood:  She is super sweet, and becoming more social.  She has been babbling more and giggling... and she loves when her sister plays with her.  She had stranger-danger fright for a little bit, but she seems to be getting over that now!

Likes: Mommy!  And she loves her sister, daddy, peaches, being tickled, snuggling a blanket, playing with Ava Kate, swinging outside, riding in the Tula, and reading books.

Dislikes: Getting her face cleaned

Milestones: Started drinking water from a sippy cup, first time sitting in the shopping cart & restaurant high chair, she's inching forward (not a crawl, but a pull with her arms and push with her toes kinda thing), she waves (but not consistently), she's thinking about clapping, first finger foods, first round of pink eye (& second, ugh), learning what "no" means, first time at the river, first time with her toes in the blow-up pool, and she's no longer the "Baby Cousin" because Judah was born last Thursday - the 13th! :)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I love watching Eve and Ava Kate play together while I'm doing something (pumping, cooking, etc)... I know they'll be the best of friends and it's so sweet to see their little relationship developing.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: If one child gets the pink eye, EVERYONE in the family starts drops... otherwise we just pass it around for a few weeks... even if the doctor won't give the other kid drops... just use the eye drops for both kids!  Sanitizing the house 45 times in 2 weeks blows.  Also, potty training takes FOREVER and it'll be my biggest accomplishment when AK has no more accidents... that and breast feeding despite all the hurdles with Eve.  Shew.
Not a lot of change in appearance this month! :)
Comparison between Ava Kate & Eve at 8 months.  One is chunkier than the other, lol!

laura ann

Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Judah

Oh sweet baby boy, I cannot wait to welcome you into this world!  A boy!  What do we do with one of those??  It's been so long!  You, sweet boy, will be adored and put on a pedestal in the eyes of your older sister and girl cousins.  I am certain that you will do no wrong in their eyes.  I hope you get them dirty and put bugs on them and wipe fish guts from your hands onto their little smocked outfits, making them squeal with "Ewww... Yuck! Judah!"  I just can't wait for you to toddle after them and break up their little girl-talk circles.  Rest assured, they will all think that you are theirs and I feel so sorry for your future girlfriend and wife.  Bless.  She will have to meet a very high standard I'm afraid. ;-)

Judah, you have the best parents ever.  If you are anything like them, you will be able to do whatever you want to do in life, because they are driven, resourceful, determined, and super talented.  If nothing else, you'll be able to provide food and shelter from scratch!  I seriously don't know how they manage to do it all - they have pigs, chickens, bees, like 4 jobs, kids... and they are building a house and want to get cows and goats.   I mean holy smokes.  I think they are super heroes... which is way cool, because hello??  Who doesn't want to have super heroes for parents?!?!  Not only that, but super heroes with a farm?  #EveryLittleBoysDream

And your sister... oh my gosh.  She's super fun!  You are going to adore her.  She is sweet and loving, just like her momma!  She is super smart, and I am quite certain y'all will have some sort of secret signing code that none of us can interpret.  Haha!  I love that my girls, you, and Ella Paityn are so close in age and I hope that you will all be the closest of friends.  You also have the best babysitter ever in cousin Abi!  She is beautiful and dotes on her little cousins... and they look up to her so much. But don't worry, you won't be surrounded by all girls... You have seriously the best boy cousin to look up to in Cody... he is smart, polite, athletic, outdoorsy, funny, and everything anyone could want in a son!  If you turn out to be like him Judah, then I will no doubt have the best nephews in the entire world.  There'll be no competition.

Baby Cousin, we have prayed for you and wished for you!  You were a complete surprise, but trust me.... We prayed you would come and we have prayed for you to have a wonderful, exciting, healthy life.  We love you so much!  You are in for something great in the Morgan clan!

As I told EP before she was born, get your last minute tummy snuggles in, because soon, you will be born into this crazy world... and we are so ready to welcome you! :)

Aunt Laura, Uncle Parker, Ava Kate, & Eve

laura ann

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Eve's Seven Months Old!

Weight & Height: Close to 17 lbs

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 2 diapers and a very few 3-6 month outfits, mostly 6 months... and even some 9 month if it's warm.

Eating & Sleeping:   Still working on baby food... she's a great taster, not a great eater lol.  She hasn't really hated anything yet except squash.  She's had bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, cereal, green beans (pureed and mashed), peas, spaghetti noodles, squash, apple sauce... I think that's about all.  She eats 6 oz 4 times a day (7, 11, 4, 9) and goes down for the night and sleeps all night.  Sometimes she wakes up about 6:30, but just lays in her crib "talking" to herself... or if we go give her the paci and a blanket to snuggle, she'll fall back asleep.

Mood:  Still so sweet and relatively quiet. :)  Of course her big sis doesn't giver her a chance to talk, so there's that... lol.  She has rounds of fussiness, but so mild in the scheme of things.  She is also a wiggly worm and very curious.

Likes: Bottles, a rainbow hedgehog Santa brought her, her Turtle Turtle (also from Santa), her sister, her Mommy & Daddy, snuggling, baths... and she giggles just a little when she's tickled but she loves being tickled.  She likes jumping in her jumperoo and napping in her swing and rolling around on the floor when her sister's not tackling her. Haha!

Dislikes: Still weary of "strangers" and by strangers, I mean anyone that's not mommy/daddy/Ava Kate.  She does fine if I'm not around (like in the church nursery), but if she can see me and someone else is holding her... she tends to protest.  Still totally normal.  She also does not like squash.  Can't say I blame her ;-)

Milestones: Eating baby food, 2 teeth, starting to sit up better, first trip to Myrtle Beach w/ Mommy & Daddy at the FCA conference, first time with her toes in the sand.

I can see a bit of similarities between sisters at this age in those precious little smiles and blue eyes. :)

Big sis wants to be a photographer ;-)

See?  I can sit up!

Photo Cred: Ava Kate :)

laura ann

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eve's Six Months Old!

Weight: ALMOST 16 lbs.  It was a slower growth month, but she's still gaining!

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 2 diapers still and some 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month clothes... just depends on the weather.  If it's cold, she wears AKs 6 month hand-me-downs, if it's warm (which it has been), she wears 3-6 month hand-me-downs.  Poor girl won't have very many of her "own" clothes at this age when her sister's bday month is just 1 month off.  I have officially packed up the newborn clothes though lol.  It was time. :(

Eating & Sleeping: Eve is still a great sleeper, praise the Lord!  She had one rough night this month, but the next morning she had a tooth that had broken through.  I was shocked that she had a tooth already!  She is now eating 6 oz at 7 am, 11 am, 4 pm, and 9 pm, and we introduced solids.  Still at the "food is for fun" phase, so nothing real consistent.  She's had bananas and sweet potatoes.

Mood:  Still a sweet baby girl!

Likes: Eve likes to roll around in the floor and jump in her jumperoo thing.  She likes being talked to and singing songs.  She likes reading books with Mommy & Ava Kate and adores her sister.

Dislikes: She's starting to not love people she's not around a lot... she gets anxious and wants mommy back.  Totally normal, I know.

Milestones: first teeth! (I was shocked that they broke through already!)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: Everything!  Snuggles, kisses, giggles, precious outfits, smiles, shrills, and coos.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I'm still pumping all day except the morning feed... I get just enough for the next bottle, no extra. :(

Y'ALL.  Those LEGS! #ThunderThighs #PearShaped loool

Not seeing a lot of similarities this month between sisters

laura ann

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eve's Five Months Old!

Weight & Height: 15 lbs 8 oz...about what Ava Kate was at this age!  Hooray!  Not sure for height.

Clothes & Diapers:  We've transitioned to size 2 diapers and she's in 3-6 month clothes mostly.

Eating & Sleeping: Eve is still on the 5 oz bottles every 4 hours and eats at 7, 11, 3, 7, and 10 and continues to sleep through the night.  I'm still only nursing for the first feeding and pumping/bottle feeding the rest.  We will be moving to 4 feedings a day soon!  I think she's ready... it'll be so much nicer hopefully because I won't have to pump as often.

Mood: Sweet.  Eve is very flexible with our scheduling and tags along for everything.  She's very sweet and rarely get's fussy.  She's usually quiet, just taking in her surroundings, but if she does get upset... boy she is loud!

Likes: Getting tickled, having anyone talk to her, playing in the floor, baths, chewing on things

Dislikes: Hmm... can't think of anything.   She is finally starting to enjoy bath time!  Hooray!

Milestones:  First Christmas, first "big" snow/ice storm (Jan 7)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: aww... All of it.  I just want to soak it all up.

Look at those chunky legs!! Haha! :) 

Ava Kate vs. Eve at 5 months... AK's head is rounder, but otherwise, they look about the same size.

laura ann
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