Saturday, August 19, 2017

Eve is One Year Old!

Weight & Height: Eve weighs 19 lbs 13 oz (51st percentile) and is 27.75" long (8th percentile)... hey, she get's it from her momma ;-)

Clothes & Diapers: She is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month outfits with a few exceptions.

Eating & Sleeping:   She eats whatever we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and transitioned to cows milk about 2 weeks ago. Let's just say I was not sad to move on from pumping! Ha!  She drinks a cup of milk for breakfast and one before bed... the rest of the day she drinks water and rarely juice (only if she's having trouble pooping!)  She sleeps from 7:30 pm to 7 am when we wake her, and takes a morning and afternoon nap - about 1.5-2 hours each.

Mood:  Happy, curious, sweet, and active!  Her little personality is so sweet... and mischievous!

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ava Kate... balls, Ava Kate's toys, play food, real food, getting tickled, music, dancing, the pool, being outside... she loves life.  She's a happy girl!

Dislikes: If you take her food away. HA!

Milestones: She is a girl of few words... one word really, just "dada" but she points to whatever she wants, eats anything and everything, she blows kisses, signs thank you, waves hello and goodbye, feeds herself, chowed down on her bday cake, turns pages in a book, flips the light switch, walks if you hold her hands, dances to music, brushes her hair, loves floating and swimming

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I love watching Ava Kate and Eve interact.  Eve loves watching AK and they are starting to "play" together by rolling balls, or building (or tearing down) towers of blocks, play cooking... it's so sweet.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I've never  been so happy to pack up my pump and wash bottles as I was 2 weeks ago after pumping for the last time this go round... I was soooo over it.  Please dear Lord, let my next child nurse from the tap and gain weight appropriately.  Please, please, please.  Making it to a year of pumping and bottle feeding after the STRUGGLE of the first two months weight gaining + me being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in the final 3 months = my proudest accomplishment... potty training at the same time is a close second.  Shew.

laura ann

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Eve is Eleven Months Old!

Weight: 20 lbs on our scale at home -- which is about half a lb bigger than Ava Kate was at this age.

Clothes & Diapers: Size 3 diapers and 12 month outfits for the most part.

Eating & Sleeping:   Morning nap (about 8:30) and afternoon nap (about 12:30) for about 1.5-2 hours, bed time at 7:30 pm.  Eats meals with us, drinks three 6 oz bottles of milk a day (morning, lunch, and before dinner).

Mood:  Curious and giggly! :) I think she'll be a (sweet) force to be reckoned with!  She is LOUD. Haha!

Likes: Being in the water (pool or bath), exploring and moving around, playing with her toy kitchen stuff, being tickled, "reading books," dancing, giving kisses, eating

Dislikes: When there isn't more food on her plate immediately. -_-

Milestones: She blows kisses, waves, turns lights off, walks if you hold her hands, pulls up by herself if she holds your hands (still can't quite do it on the furniture yet), dances to music (it's precious), shakes her head no, understands what "no" means, and had her first cake and ice cream (& hotdog thanks to Grandmommy and Granddaddy, lol), oh and she got her first leg poppin' because she bit the mess out of my arm... and she has 8 teeth now!

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I love snuggling her, I feel like the baby stage has gone by so fast and I feel like I have missed it. :(  How will she already be one in a month!?!?! Ahhhh.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: Her first bottle is breastmilk and her second two are half breastmilk and half formula... I gave up stressing over it and it is what it is.  SO ready to be done with pumping.  I so enjoyed it with Ava Kate... but it has been a struggle and CHORE with Eve.  I can honestly say I have done EVERYTHING I could (including going through a flex sigmoidoscopy with no anesthesia) to breast feed this child.

She looks like a different child in these pics -- think it's the hair being pulled back in the 10 month photo.

Lawdy, Ava Kate was pale haha!  They look nothing alike in these two pics, but there are moments that Eve looks a lot like AK... BUT, she mostly looks just like her daddy. :)

laura ann

Monday, June 19, 2017

Eve is Ten Months Old!

Weight & Height: Close to 19 lbs according to our scale, and about 28" according to Ava Kate's measurements the other day (haha!)

Clothes & Diapers: Eve wears size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes, although more 12 mth as some of her 6 mth are too small for sure!

Eating & Sleeping:  We dropped the 4th feeding of the day, so she has 6-7 oz of breastmilk at 7, 11, and 4.... and usually at the 4 pm feeding I have to top it off with some formula to get it to 6 oz.  She doesn't seem to even notice she's not having the 9 pm feeding, so we let her sleep.  She eats food like a champ -- can out eat Ava Kate some nights.  She'll eat everything on her tray/plate and let you know loud and clear she wants some more.  We are working on signing "more"... otherwise it's a loud, high-pitch scream to let you know.  A happy squeal... but loud.  She does it with a smile on her face. :)

Mood: She's super happy, rarely fussy, and very flexible with whatever is going on!

Likes: Mommy and Ava Kate... even though AK can be a bit suffocating to Eve, she doesn't seem to mind.  She loves Daddy, playing in the water, BATHTIME, being outside, watching people, playing with Ava Kate's legos and blocks, rolling and crawling around the floor

Dislikes: Not much I can think of...

Milestones: She's got 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth, and another bottom tooth peeking through, she stands pretty well with assistance, but isn't really interested in pulling up herself, she finally moves from laying to sitting with ease (she could sit by herself for months, but was never interested in sitting up from laying down until recently), she feeds herself, says dada on occasion... and squeals all the time. :)  She's played at the beach with Granddaddy Mark, the river, and the pool.  We celebrated Father's Day yesterday!

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: Eve likes to snuggle for a second and then she's a busy bee.  I love it when she lays her head down on my chest, even if it's just for a split minute!  She smiles and thinks it's soooo funny when you give her a "mean" look.

She's grown in the last month for sure!

I think she caught back up (and maybe passed) her sister in size at 10 months!  She's got more hair than Ava Kate did too!

Everything is going in her mouth... everything.  And she doesn't like to lay still for pictures! :)
laura ann

Friday, May 19, 2017

Eve's Nine Months Old!

Weight & Height: 18 lbs 3 oz at her appointment, & 26 in long (although I question the accuracy of the height... weight is 50th percentile, and height was 4th... lol)

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 3 diapers and 6 month to 12 month clothes...

Eating & Sleeping:   Same nursing schedule as before - she eats about 5.5-6 oz at 7, 11, 4, and 9.  I still nurse her for the first feeding, then pump and bottle feed the rest (boo).  No more purees (she didn't ever get the hang of them, so I just stopped trying... more hassle anyway!) but she's really picked up finger foods now.  She eats whatever we eat, and her favorites are pasta, green beans, crackers, cheese, and fruit.  For naps, she takes a morning and afternoon nap for about 1.5-2 hours each, and she sleeps until her last feeding and then through the night until about 7ish.

Mood:  She's can be a firecracker (or as loud as one), but she is a happy firecracker!  She loves playing with Ava Kate... and she still has stranger-danger randomly.

Likes: Mommy!  And she loves her sister, daddy, playing with toys, her paci, being tickled, snuggling a blanket, playing with Ava Kate, playing in the pool, swinging outside.

Dislikes: Hmm... can't think of anything.

Milestones: army crawling, first Mother's Day, first time in the pool, two top teeth FINALLY came in

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: Even though she only nurses first thing in the morning, I'll take it.  She's definitely becoming more "independent" by rolling and crawling around to get what she wants... that has given me more to keep up with for sure! Ha!

Eve at 8 months vs 9 months

Ava Kate on the right vs Eve on the left. :)

laura ann

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Eve's Eight Months Old!

Weight: not exactly sure, but about 17 lbs?

Clothes & Diapers: Eve is wearing size 2 diapers (but could easily wear size 3, we just have 2 packs of size 2 left that I want to use before going to size 3), and anywhere from 3-12 month clothes (haha, quite the range, I know... but it's been super warm this spring, so her 3 month clothes are cool, and her 12 month clothes are cool... so we mix it up!  The 3 month outfits are just about too short for her, but the 12 months are pretty roomy.  6 months fit best, but the 6 month hand-me-downs are winter clothes... ahhh #SecondChildProbs)

Eating & Sleeping:   She eats about 5.5-6 oz at 7, 11, 4, and 9.  I still nurse her for the first feeding, then pump and bottle feed the rest (boo).  She has been sloooowww to pick up purees, so I just started giving her finger foods to entertain her while we ate.  She ate an entire half of a piece of toast this past Saturday for breakfast... with her two little teeth.  Haha!  For pureed food, she has had cereal, peaches (her fav!), green beans, squash, apple sauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pees.  She likes the peaches, and that's about all.  She also has had yogurt (which she gobbles down).  For finger foods, she has had a lot... pasta, mac & cheese, a little bit of pork chops, toast, strawberries, potatoes, green beans, crackers, puffs, bananas, corn, grits, bread, and probably a handful of other stuff that I can't recall right now.  :)  It sounds like a lot, but she mostly tastes the food and spits it out.  She's been actually eating a bit better in the past week or so.  She takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap for about 1.5-2 hours each, and she usually takes a evening nap after dinner and before bed.  We wake her up to put her PJs on and feed her and then she sleeps from 9ish-7ish.

Mood:  She is super sweet, and becoming more social.  She has been babbling more and giggling... and she loves when her sister plays with her.  She had stranger-danger fright for a little bit, but she seems to be getting over that now!

Likes: Mommy!  And she loves her sister, daddy, peaches, being tickled, snuggling a blanket, playing with Ava Kate, swinging outside, riding in the Tula, and reading books.

Dislikes: Getting her face cleaned

Milestones: Started drinking water from a sippy cup, first time sitting in the shopping cart & restaurant high chair, she's inching forward (not a crawl, but a pull with her arms and push with her toes kinda thing), she waves (but not consistently), she's thinking about clapping, first finger foods, first round of pink eye (& second, ugh), learning what "no" means, first time at the river, first time with her toes in the blow-up pool, and she's no longer the "Baby Cousin" because Judah was born last Thursday - the 13th! :)

Sentimental Things Mommy Wants to Remember: I love watching Eve and Ava Kate play together while I'm doing something (pumping, cooking, etc)... I know they'll be the best of friends and it's so sweet to see their little relationship developing.

Practical Things Mommy Wants to Remember: If one child gets the pink eye, EVERYONE in the family starts drops... otherwise we just pass it around for a few weeks... even if the doctor won't give the other kid drops... just use the eye drops for both kids!  Sanitizing the house 45 times in 2 weeks blows.  Also, potty training takes FOREVER and it'll be my biggest accomplishment when AK has no more accidents... that and breast feeding despite all the hurdles with Eve.  Shew.
Not a lot of change in appearance this month! :)
Comparison between Ava Kate & Eve at 8 months.  One is chunkier than the other, lol!

laura ann
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