Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Judah

Oh sweet baby boy, I cannot wait to welcome you into this world!  A boy!  What do we do with one of those??  It's been so long!  You, sweet boy, will be adored and put on a pedestal in the eyes of your older sister and girl cousins.  I am certain that you will do no wrong in their eyes.  I hope you get them dirty and put bugs on them and wipe fish guts from your hands onto their little smocked outfits, making them squeal with "Ewww... Yuck! Judah!"  I just can't wait for you to toddle after them and break up their little girl-talk circles.  Rest assured, they will all think that you are theirs and I feel so sorry for your future girlfriend and wife.  Bless.  She will have to meet a very high standard I'm afraid. ;-)

Judah, you have the best parents ever.  If you are anything like them, you will be able to do whatever you want to do in life, because they are driven, resourceful, determined, and super talented.  If nothing else, you'll be able to provide food and shelter from scratch!  I seriously don't know how they manage to do it all - they have pigs, chickens, bees, like 4 jobs, kids... and they are building a house and want to get cows and goats.   I mean holy smokes.  I think they are super heroes... which is way cool, because hello??  Who doesn't want to have super heroes for parents?!?!  Not only that, but super heroes with a farm?  #EveryLittleBoysDream

And your sister... oh my gosh.  She's super fun!  You are going to adore her.  She is sweet and loving, just like her momma!  She is super smart, and I am quite certain y'all will have some sort of secret signing code that none of us can interpret.  Haha!  I love that my girls, you, and Ella Paityn are so close in age and I hope that you will all be the closest of friends.  You also have the best babysitter ever in cousin Abi!  She is beautiful and dotes on her little cousins... and they look up to her so much. But don't worry, you won't be surrounded by all girls... You have seriously the best boy cousin to look up to in Cody... he is smart, polite, athletic, outdoorsy, funny, and everything anyone could want in a son!  If you turn out to be like him Judah, then I will no doubt have the best nephews in the entire world.  There'll be no competition.

Baby Cousin, we have prayed for you and wished for you!  You were a complete surprise, but trust me.... We prayed you would come and we have prayed for you to have a wonderful, exciting, healthy life.  We love you so much!  You are in for something great in the Morgan clan!

As I told EP before she was born, get your last minute tummy snuggles in, because soon, you will be born into this crazy world... and we are so ready to welcome you! :)

Aunt Laura, Uncle Parker, Ava Kate, & Eve

laura ann

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